MK4IT: Continuous Development for Marketers in IT

One of our agency’s core values is Continuous Development. We believe that this is the main driver that keeps a marketer in this game. If you don’t have this urge to always be better, then marketing and communication are probably not for you.

We also believe in the saying ‘show, don’t tell’. You can’t say that you have a value if you don’t prove it through decisions and actions.

Last year, in November, we organized Marketing 4 IT – probably the first and only marketing conference in Romania dedicated to the marketers and entrepreneurs in the IT sector. Our aim was to share some very valuable information that can help the Romanian IT companies be more competitive and have stronger brands. The event was a success and the feedbacks were positive and encouraging.

Our quest towards continuous development didn’t stop with this event. Starting with the 29th of February, we’ve regularly posted on our blog some of the most important insights that were presented at the Marketing 4 IT conference. For now, you can read 4 articles about marketing, brand loyalty, growth hacking or product development.

We will continue to write, on a weekly basis, new articles about the insights from the conference. If Continuous Development is also one of your values and you would like to be notified each time a new article is posted on our blog, fill in the form below or in the sidebar!

Yours dedicated,
Călin Biriș
Digital Director