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Mk4IT: Four things to take into consideration for external communication

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At Marketing 4 IT, our CEO explained what are the four main pillars to take into consideration for your IT company external communications. These are:
1. Strategy
2. Content marketing
3. Social Media
4. Events

1. Strategy

Before you start your journey and build your company’s employer brand, it is very important to set up the plan. Be sure you identify and create a persona of your target market, write down your SMART objectives, and plan the next actions to get what you want.
Don’t forget that you should act agile. Always look at the numbers, adapt the plan on the go and never take your eyes off “the prize”.

2. Content marketing

Consumers are already ignoring the ads. If you want your company to be visible on the long term, then quality content is the solution. When you create content always think to be visual and give useful informations to your target audience.

3. Social Media

We can’t ignore anymore the power of Social Media. The online social platforms give us the opportunity to tell an authentic story and be more connected with our target market.
Because the social consumer can skyrocket your business but also can close it down, never forget to be transparent in your actions.

4. Events

Meeting in person your customers or future employees can boost your credibility. It is important and recommended to be present at events that can influence prospects to join your company.

These four steps can be a good start for your company external communication. If you handle them well you can then use more tactics to increase your reach.

In the video below you can listen to our CEO explaining the four pillars of a good external communication.

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