Mk4IT: The key for having a strong employer brand

Do you want your company to be the employer of choice?

Of course you do!

For this you need a strong employer brand that positions your company in the mind of your target employees as the best place to work.

Here are some of benefits for your company will receive if it becomes the employer of choice:

1. The time you invest in hiring people will be the lowest in the industry.
2. The best specialists will be waiting at your company’s door.
3. Your clients will choose your company over your competitors.
4. Your clients will be open to paying more for your services.
5. And all of this will lead to an increase in revenues and a low Cost per hire.

So, what could be the key for building a strong employer brand?

Victor, our CEO, explains in the video below the importance of a good collaboration between marketing & HR department. Find out the tips and tricks for working together to achieve the employer of choice status.

For better results in building an employer brand:
– The Marketing team should learn from the HR specialists in the company how to focus more on the people and how to understand them better.
– The HR team can learn from the marketers how to better target their communications and how to measure their impact in the recruitment process. 

Collaboration is the essence for building the employer brand. So don’t wait anymore. Start now.