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One of the most efficient and effective online advertising methods of the moment

online advertising methods

A marketer’s constant challenge is keeping pace with ever changing online advertising methods

It’s a marketer’s job to always know which are the newest online marketing tools he can use in order to meet his business marketing objectives. Actually, it’s not only about discovering these tools, it’s also about keeping up with their improvements (and those tend to happen very often).

In order not to lag behind on this issue, I educated myself throughout the years to become an early adopter and to be open minded when it comes to new services, platforms changes or new social networks. 

Facebook’s new video advertising tool

The company started testing its new advertising tool in the US in December last year. Six months later, they rolled out their video advertising feature, which was to become one of the most efficient and effective online advertising methods that we tried out. 

We gave the video ad a chance

This summer we invested 100 lei in a video ad campaign for one of our clients. The results were surprising!  

After just 5 days, we reached 96.663 users and we recorded 12.295 video views at a cost of – you will not believe this – 0,008 lei per video view.

In addition, for the same budget, we obtained an extra 927 website clicks, 277 likes, 50 shares and 23 comments. If we check out solely the cost per click (around 0.1 lei), it’s still lower than the ones recurring in many other online advertising methods, like Google Adwords for instance

Here are the results:

Facebook Video Ad - online advertising methods

What we recommend

Give this new advertising tool a try. If we can help, let us know. The results obtained are far better than on any other online advertising platform we tested.   

Yours dedicated,

Călin Biriș
Digital Director

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