One month left… What topics will be discussed? Mk4IT

The only marketing conference dedicated to the IT companies from Romania, Marketing 4 IT, is just around the corner. A month before the event, we are proudly presenting the list of the topics that will be discussed.

The conference, now in its second edition, will be centered around the “Employer Branding & Product Marketing: Arts You Can Master” theme. The event will include two panels, a keynote speech and a workshop section, so that the participants can gather both theoretical and practical info.

Panel 1 – Employer Branding: challenges and opportunities

The first panel, which will bring together representatives from the most important online recruiting platforms, LinkedIn, eJobs and BestJobs, will focus on employer branding, on the challenges and the opportunities from the romanian market.

Among the topics that will be covered we mention: the importance of employer branding, the lack of well-developed strategies, how important is the current image of a company and how it can be changed, the employees’ reluctance to suport employer branding actions and the so-called „employee theft” phenomenon.

Panel 2: Product Marketing: best practices

The product marketing part will be covered in the second panel, which will be held by professionals working in IT companies that developed products appreciated abroad, such as Ubisoft or Bitdefender. The participants will discover which are the obstacles encountered by marketers when they want to launch a new product or to promote an existing one. At the same time, will be presented the best products marketing practices and techniques that can be used by IT companies to launch and promote a product, both locally and internationally.

Keynote: How does online marketing influences employer branding

The keynote speech is going to be delivered by Laura Gregg, Media Solutions Consultant LinkedIn Dublin. Specialized in digital branding, she will talk about the influence held by online marketing over the employer branding process and about how can the online facilitate, or, on the contrary, undermine, a company’s actions.

The workshop section

The second half of the day is reserved to the workshop section. Six in number, they are split equally between employer branding and product marketing. Each of them will last an hour and the participants will have the chance to choose which ones they want to attend.

Antonia Onaca – The source of power behind your brand

Antonia Onaca will talk about the employees’ role in creating, maintaining and promoting a company’s image. As employer branding starts from the inside, if the attention is focused on the right points, it will become a valuable secondary effect rather than having to work explicitly for it. Therefore, she will teach practical tactics that can be used to motivate employees to support their company’s employer branding efforts.

Mircea Vădan – Product Marketing 101: from concept development to launch

In parallel, Mircea Vădan, tech entrepreneur, will explain what the development of a successful product marketing strategy involves. He will start from the ground up, from the basics, and afterwards he will present the steps to be followed when it comes to product marketing, from the concept development to the market launch.

Andreea Bușecan – Winning strategies for working with HR Agencies

In the second workshop round, Andreea Bușecan, Evolution HCC, will focus on the relationship between companies and HR agencies. She will present a few techniques and strategies through which the communication with the HR specialists can be improved, so that employers can attract and retain high-performing employees.

Anca Bundaru – How to develop a product launch at an international level

On the product marketing side will be addressed another topic of interest for the marketers from the IT field: how to develop a product launching campaign at an international level. Anca Bundaru, Senior Product Marketing Manager Bitdefender, will share insights from her experience and will offer background information about this.

Sorina Bradea – Employer Branding 101: best practices

The RoMarketing cofounder, Sorina Bradea, will make sure that each participant will fully understand what the employer branding process involves. Starting from best practices examples, she will explain what kind of actions can be taken and what instruments can be used to consolidate a company’s image.

Dan Tănăsescu – Marketing strategies for IT Products & Games

As the number of IT products and games is on the rise, Dan Tănăsescu, Digital Marketing Manager Ubisoft, will present the strategies marketers can succesfully use to promote them and to make them stand apart from their competitors.

Few days left for Early Bird tickets

The second edition of the MK4IT (Marketing for IT) conference will be organized on the 23rd of February at Impact Hub Cluj-Napoca. Until the end of January, the 31st of January included, are available Early Bird tickets, at 59 euro + VTA. Starting the 1st of February, the tickets’ cost will rise to 79 euro + VTA. The tickets can be purchased from the event’s site,

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