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Online marketing

online marketing

Welcome! Why are you here? Okay, we know you’re probably interested in our Online Marketing services, but humor us and continue reading.

Maybe you’re just starting off and you need to develop an online presence. Maybe you want to reinvent and strengthen that presence to get a competitive edge, attract new customers and keep the old ones coming back.

And what did you do? You searched the internet for someone who can help you with all that. So do 90% of potential customers when they’re looking for products and services you might be able to offer. Be there when they’re looking for you!


Your online presence directly affects your brand image and, not to mention, your sales. There are over 8 million Facebook users in Romania alone, all of which you can target according to very specific criteria. Why miss out on the chance to convince them you can be their #1 choice? Don’t just stand there! Do something about it!

Get in touch with us whenever you want to:

✓ Improve your online communication through the use of persuasive messages as well as a varied set of digital instruments;

✓ Boost your online conversion rates when it comes to potential, new, repeat and recurring customers;

✓ Make an efficient investment in online marketing, with measurable, highly controllable results.


On top of all that, we offer you 360⁰ Online Marketing services, for short, medium or long term projects, coupled with Project Management and other offline services, as well as significant expertise in fields such as Automotive, IT, eCommerce and Digital Content Platforms. More specifically, you can –

Count on us for any and all of the following Online Marketing services:

✓  Analysis, Strategy and Planning

✓  Social Media Communication

✓  Blogging

✓  Email Marketing

✓  Content Creation

✓  UX Analysis

✓  Wireframe Development

✓  Online Advertising (Facebook Advertising, Google AdWords, Video Advertising, Remarketing, Direct Advertising on Romanian content websites)

✓  Affiliate Marketing


Whenever you’re ready for a win-win collaboration, contact us! We’ll establish a battle plan based on your needs and goals. A dedicated Digital Specialist and Account Manager team will make sure everything goes according to that plan and that you will get your desired results.

Let’s see how we can help

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