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Online Marketing trends from 2016 you should consider in 2017

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In 2016 we saw some interesting trends that got the consumers to feel like they were the stars of a reality show, 24/7, on their mobile phones and laptops. Here are 7 of the most important trends we observed during this year.

1. Video is king

This year, video was king on Facebook. We can see our newsfeeds flooded by videos everyday. This trend started last year and in 2016 the LIVE feature got everyone hyped, making them produce more videos. Even though YouTube has the Live feature since 2011, Facebook made this option popular.

If you plan to increase your company’s reach on Social Media, then video should be the media of choice to communicate your messages.

2. Bye-bye Snapchat?

It is very popular among the teenagers to use Snapchat like a social network only for themselves and their friends (no mothers, dads or grannies there). The temporary posts and video effects are so popular that Facebook and Instagram had to “steal” the features and integrate them in their platforms. Will this be the end of Snapchat or is it only a confirmation that this is just the beginning for Snapchat, that it can become the leading Social Platform for youngsters?

3. Shopping on  Facebook

After they introduced “For Sale Groups” in 2015, this year Facebook introduced the Shop feature for pages (with the ability to tag products in posts and on Instagram). At the same time, it announced the Marketplace. This is a big step for Facebook in moving forward to become the one stop shop for everything the users need to buy.

If you have an online shop, get your products in the Shop section of your page and try this feature to see if it brings you extra business.

4. New online shops

The e-commerce in Romania is growing at a fast pace. We see new online shops entering the market each month. It seems to be a trend to sell online and start a new business. There is plenty of room, and if you need help to market your shop  we are here to give you a helping hand.

5. Instagram is more popular than Twitter

At least in Romania, Instagram has more monthly active users than Twitter (200k vs. 20k). There are a lot of popular Instagram influencers, with thousands of followers that can help brands become even more popular among the smartphone users.

If you have a business in Home & Deco, Technology, HoReCa or Fashion, start using Instagram and you will have a chance to attract new customers.

6. Go mobile or go home

Online shops already have around 50% of their traffic visits from mobile devices. If you don’t have a mobile optimized online presence you are long outdated. Every business should start thinking in micro moments and mobile first development.

7. Adwords won the war with SEO

This year Google decided to drop the right side ads. With this change, they introduced 4 ads above the organic results. As a consequence, the organic results in many cases are now below first screen. Bad news if you have a high competition. Now is the time to invest more in Adwords and improve your quality score.

Who knows what 2017 will bring?

We can expect to see even more videos and Live shows, more shopping on Facebook and a higher competition on Adwords. Also we can see coming more VR and augmented reality apps that companies will use to reach new potential customers from the early adopters.

What are your bets for the rising stars and the cool features of 2017?

Yours dedicated,
Călin Biriș
Digital Director

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