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Personality in design

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How does a web design project stand out?

A good design stands out from a sea of competitors through its personality. As designers, we have the capability to express personality through well-conceived designs that forge an emotional connection with the visitor. How is this emotional connection achieved? There are a couple of characteristics (elements of visual language) that make a web design project unforgettable and fun to interact: type choices, alignments, color usage, the overall design style.


Color is a powerful tool that can affect our senses and be associated with feelings and ideas. It’s said that red, orange, and yellow are associated with hunger, excitement, and warmth, while cool colors, such as blue and purple, evoke calmness and serenity. These feelings are tied to the overall experience we have with a brand and factor in largely to the decision making process.
Atmosphere contributes a lot to one’s emotions. When you walk into a restaurant or café, you’re probably formulating impressions you have about the particular establishment in your head. The same is true for the web. Atmosphere is created through a number of elements including color, texture and organization. Whether fun and family friendly or elegant and professional, the atmosphere should give the viewer a taste of what your business has to offer.

Texture is another element used in design to evoke a feeling and contribute to the overall experience. If used correctly it can evoke memories – the emotional reaction of seeing a texture can conjure up images of how we felt about it when first experiencing it. Designing a website with personality implies certain actions that increase the level of its attractiveness:

  • Incorporating original and unique graphics – large and slightly quirky graphics help the website stand out from the competition;
  • Confident opening statements, catchphrases and/or interesting summaries to catch the attention of the audience;
  • Composition and organization is very important – if a visitor can’t see past the first page due to untidy navigation, chances are he won’t stay around much longer after that;
  • Experimentation with non-traditional color combinations – it’s recommended for the user to feel engaged in interacting with the site also because of curiosity.



The principle “Less is more” is also applicable in designing a website. Usually a simple, minimalistic layout gives birth to curiosity and produces more engagement from the user. The principal information is left in the secondary pages, so the homepage becomes a place where a truly creative designer leaves his mark, his personality, in order for the site to have a unique style. Whether he decides to play more with shapes instead of text or vice versa, a homepage can really decide if a website is successful or not. How is his personality reflected in the design? Simple; by blending composition, colors and typography into a personal harmony. The visual dialog between the website and the user becomes digital energy which is generated by the compatibility of personalities: both the user’s and website’s “personalities”.


Here’s an example of a website with personality:

Well done, mates!

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