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Project management

Project management

Think of Project Management like this – You’re a very busy superhero and you’d be getting a sidekick. Why should you have a sidekick? Mainly because you’d have someone you can trust handle some of your business for you. Only, in this case, it’s the marketing side of your business.


For example, you may have a project or a campaign that requires the services of many types of specialists and/or external providers, or it has to be implemented in a timely manner, and it’s a bit too much for your internal departments to handle.

In such situations, a marketing agency with top notch Project Management skills can help save the day. Or, in this case, help save time and money for you, through a more efficient management of your resources.

We’d love to be that agency and that kind of dedicated sidekick for you and your business.


Check out our Project Management super powers:

 ✓ Ready – First, the project guidelines must be set and, while we appoint a capable Project Manager that will protect your interests and report all results to you in a uniform manner, you should also designate one of your teammates as the person responsible for the project, to ensure all endeavors and communication go as smoothly as possible.

 ✓ Set – There are a few things that need to be set and agreed upon, namely the project goals, the specific actions that will take place, with a scheduled time and estimated budgets for each of them, the media channels for the project, each with their respective budgets, and all the parties that will be involved, with their corresponding responsibilities.

 ✓ Go – Now that everything has been set into motion, every aspect of the implementation, the performance indicators and the media channels efficiency will be constantly monitored, with suggestions and solutions for optimization being made wherever necessary. After crossing the finish line, an overall assessment of the results will be made, in accordance with the project goals.


So take some heat off your shoulders. Focus on ways to grow your business. Get in touch with us, have a little faith, and we’ll be the best sidekicks for your business.

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