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Round-up of the events’ season

Cover Automotive Booths

A very busy season of events is now entering a well deserved holiday. At least till autumn. Loopaa has been active in this field by helping major automotive companies to enhance their presence at professional events throughout Europe. Here’s a short summary of the booths made by Loopaa this year:


1. Denso


We’ve stood by Denso’s side for the second year now. Though we’ve used the same booth design as last year, visitors highly appreciated Denso’s presence as it differentiates itself from most of the other conventional booths. The Denso games, developed by our team, had a huge success among the visitors… and I must admit that those games are a bit addictive. 🙂


2. Motul


Promoting the new web platform, the new event booth for Motul also reveals the new branding of the company. During the event, visitors were encouraged to sign up for the MotulGo community, where they can see and/ or create the most beautiful motorcycle routes in Romania. Check it out for yourself. (if you’re a passionate)


3. Federal Mogul 

Federal Mogul

In need of showcasing its diverse portfolio, Federal Mogul’s event booth was designed to be simple and neat, but also to provide a warm welcoming to all visitors interested in the company’s products. We’ve achieved this by placing product displays with lots of storage room… to hide all those marketing goodies 🙂 , while promoting some relevant product samples.


4. KYB 


One of the largest shock absorbers manufacturer, KYB wanted to display its latest technologies within a modern and attractive booth. A simpler portfolio of products, but a challenge in designing and implementing it in a professional way. We’ve used an open space while highlighting the company’s main technologies.


5. Comma


A recent entry in our customer portfolio, Comma came up with a surprising challenge. How to set up a booth that looks like a repair garage, but also to showcase the Comma products’ British origins? The result?… Take a look above. 


So… you want an event booth that really stands out from the crowd? Talk to us about your ideas and we can make it happen. And we’ll not make it just… nice, but we’ll also come up with activations that will make your presence really memorable.


Yours dedicated,

Victor Gavronschi


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