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Slowly. Slowlyyy…


Being an Account Specialist may not appeal to you as much as other marketing jobs… but look at it from my perspective: you know everything that’s going on in the agency, you’re connected with all the clients and you definitely get to learn new things every day… I mean every day! Got your attention? Let’s dive into my shoes for one day as an account specialist at Loopaa:


Coffee is pouring slowly. Slowly.SLOWLY.It seems like a quiet day, and that is usually a sign that it’s not going to be. No more patience for the coffee. Let’s open the e-mail, plenty of “virtual caffeine” there!


…and so it begins. My day. My to-do list… I always have a certain satisfaction in making to-do lists. I’m thinking “at the end of the day, all these will be done. By me!”.

Between sending e-mails, answering phone calls, attending client meetings and ordering promotional materials or printings the day takes off in full speed.The to-do list changes every hour as some tasks are delayed, others become urgent and some…appear out of nowhere (It’s a normal day’s job, no worries there!). Also you get to learn surfing. “Surfing” from one subject to another, from the FMCG market strategies to IT strategies. From dancing bananas and apples to “how to sell our software”, you get to be a part of it all (didn’t think it was surfing on some ocean, did you?).



So, you may ask, where is the joy in marketing here? It’s in learning a little piece from everything, being a part of each project, meeting each client and share his world of products or services. In order to offer your services properly to a client, you have to learn a little bit from all your colleagues. This is how you end up knowing how to set keywords for an Adwords Campaign, how to build a newsletter, what a “vector” is and how thick is every piece of paper you work with – very useful when you build up an offer for business cards, flyers or cardboard packaging.


It’s 6 PM. The day literally flew by, no wonder it took off in full speed this morning :).Time to check the to-do list. A smirk on my face when I get to check all of my tasks. I’ve made it again today, I’ve surfed all the way to a great day. But did you think the day is over? The day is never over when you do what you love. I keep thinking on better ways to do stuff and better ideas to put into practice on my way home, in line at the supermarket, before I fall asleep…because I love my job!:)


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