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Start your motorcycle engines for an activation campaign

MotulGo Activation Campaign

Black leather jeans and funky jackets, this was the official uniform at SMAEB, the biggest Romanian expo show dedicated to motorcycle fans. Riders, free spirits, families, couples, friends and rivals, all meet here to see the latest rides and accessories they can buy.

How can you get noticed when you compete for attention and you are a new brand, present at SMAEB?

This was the question we asked ourselves when we started working at the concept for the event booth for, the online platform with UGC tracks for riders, powered by Motul… of course.

Our booth was surrounded by the best motorcycle brands like Harley Davidson, Yamaha, Honda, BMW. So this was not an easy task.

The approach that we’ve figured it out was to invite people to participate in an hourly contests by taking personalized pictures in our booth, together with their friends or families, and also by creating new accounts on the web platform For this, we’ve put up a customized photo booth and one big interactive touchscreen display.

Our booth was one of the most animated at the event and people got excited about the online platform.  During the 3 days of the expo, we got hundreds of new users registered.  We’ve enjoyed being part of this experience and to represent Motul at SMAEB.

MotulGo booth at SMAEB

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