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TeCOMM 2017 – Sell them your story

TeCOMM Bucuresti 2017

This year we had the pleasure to participate at the 10th edition of TeCOMM, hosted at Radisson Blu***** hotel in Bucharest. Until now 2.000 people already attended at the TeCOMM conferences. Because the organisers just announced the next eCommerce event that will take place in October in Cluj-Napoca, we want to share with you how was the edition in Bucharest.

The main theme of the event was “Sell them your story”, because there is a big opportunity for online shops in Romania to be more visible and gain traction in the market.

The first day started with a series of workshops which targeted the main areas of interest for those who own an online shop: online marketing, security, eCommerce usability or the expansion of businesses on the international markets. The participants had to choose to attend only to the workshops they liked the most. The day ended at Meron, where we had the opportunity to socialise and network with the speakers.

The second day started with a call to action: “Do not wait! Act now! The online market from Romania is 10 times under developed than the online market from UK. Now is the right moment to sell your story”. This was the advices of Kunle Campbell in the first debate of the day which lead the participants to discuss about how to create a brand for an eShop and how to grow it. Next, Carlo Terreni, General Director at Netcom Suisse, gave an inspiring speech for those who want to enter in the fashion eCommerce industry.

At the first panel of the day we found out good insights from 5 important speakers from the Romanian eCommerce industry: Doina Vîlcean (ContentSpeed), Oana Antohe (eMAG Marketplace), Antonio Eram (Netopia), Claudiu Farcas (Profitshare Conversion) and Dan Mazilu (Mediatel Group). They talked about the present online marketing, about the evolution of it and about the future trends.

After the panel, George Iordache, (eMAG Marketplace) had a short presentation about how we can increase the conversion rates and how to keep the clients loyal.

The second part of the day, Mike Bainbridge (Rackspace), Jakub Minks (Exponea) and Sven Balli (VERITAS) talked about 3 important principles in order to run an online shop: the clients needs, the new tech in online marketing and about the importance of the emotions in online communication.

The next debate brought to the public another 5 big names on the stage: Florinel Ioan Chis (AMRO), Ivan Vrhel (Citi Romania), Mihai Pătrașcu (evoMag), Victor Tighinean (ECCOShoes) and Jakub Minsk (Exponea) who answered to the most important questions about their markets.

At the and of TeCOMM Bucuresti 2017, Nick Lanesly (Nick Lanesly’s Innovation Lab) and Richard Prenderville (Palton Digital Marketing Group) presented the importance of innovation in business and guiding the clients to understand the brand so they will stay loyal on long-term. „The brand is about emotions. That feeling clients have when they hear about the brand”, told Richard in his presentation.

We believe this edition was successful. We got premium informations from top international and local eCommerce speakers who helped us to know how to “sell them our story”. Looking forward to find out what cool speakers and workshops will be in October. The organisers already announced that they will have an SEO masterclass, an event dedicated to the fashion industry and other workshops for marketers. Find out more on their blog.

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