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Mk4IT: The biggest mistake you can make when working with brand ambassadors

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Most of the time, marketers focus on getting new business and customers. They are searching for new markets and tend to ignore the existing clients. This is a big mistake. Having a brand ambassador program can slim your marketing budget, while still being able to acquire new clients.

It is important to acknowledge that a sale is not finished when a person gives you the money and he/she gets the product or the service you sell in return. Instead, that is the moment when the fight for transforming that person into a brand ambassador begins.

What is the biggest mistake you can make when working with brand ambassadors?

Todor Galoș, one of the speakers from the Marketing 4 IT conference, talked about the importance of brand ambassadors and how helpful they are for Microsoft. Also, Tudor mentioned that the most toxic thing you can do when working with ambassadors is to pay them.

You have to give them other kinds of rewards, such as:

  • giving them premium features;
  • letting them be the first to know when you launch new products or services;
  • giving them free access to conferences and trainings;
  • giving them interviews;
  • letting them explore your company culture by working inside your company for one day;

Find out more in the video bellow (RO).

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