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We will have 3 articles on this topic. Today’s subject is:
How MOBILE-READY is your business?

You can Google it, check-out trends, ask online specialists – the answer is the same: all of us must update our mobile communication yearly. Of course, some have made a few steps towards this by now, and some believe it is not necessary yet. We highly recommend using the checklist below:

1. Am I using responsive design techniques?
We highlight below the main argument. The bottom line is how much you care about how your message looks when it’s read by your customers. The use of mobile devices, multi-screening, is a reality for more than 50% of us.
It’s not just the website. We are also talking about:
– campaign landing pages;
– email templates;
– social media channels.

email messages


2. SMS is still mobile – could I use it? When? Where?
One of the primal mobile tools (before internet on mobile devices) was the SMS.
It still rules in many situations. For example, reading rate is up to 99% within 3 minutes after sending, while average response rate to our campaigns was so far 26%, much more than the response rates of direct mailing to a clean database.

3. Am I constantly updating my mobile communication techniques?
Well, it’s impossible to try all of them. It’s not justified in many cases because some of the solutions are not relevant. Unfortunately, a lot of them are superficial or inaccessible for your business model. But…some of them might be good, if only you knew about them.

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes! How do they see your messages?
You’ll never miss if you’re able to “see through their eyes”, as they say.

There are several tools that can help you do this:

I think you got the idea by now. While budgeting next year’s marketing activity, you should consider actions that will improve your mobile communication with customers. How much should you invest? You can figure it out with your team or hire a specialist and work together to analyze and define the necessary actions.

Yours dedicated,
Adrian Abrudan

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