Useful tools in managing a marketing campaign

As the end of this year approaches, there is a good opportunity for us, whether as marketers or business owners, to reassess our situation and to make new plans for the future.

At Loopaa, as we love to plan, we thought of sharing with you some useful tools in implementing a successful marketing campaign. You’ll find out a bunch of things, like:

1. The importance of planning in marketing
2. How to set up a marketing campaign
3. Some useful tools at every stage of a marketing campaign
4. What are the critical success factors of a marketing campaign

So, here are the materials presented at the event „Useful tools in managing a marketing campaign”, organized by Loopaa and BT Club, on the 9th of December:


Note: all the materials are in Romanian.

Enjoy and don’t forget:

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail. (quote by B.Franklin)