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Graphic Designer

Drum-rolls ladies and gents, we have a new job opening for all those creative heads (designers) out there. We’re a fun and open minded bunch so we’re looking for someone who’s at least as crazy as we are. Be warned though, you will become absolutely loopie in no time. So let’s see if you fit the bill.


You know you’re meant for this job if you’re:

Designer Loopaa•    A modern day Picasso (nah, just kidding! just be your happy self. We wouldn’t want actual paint brushes all over the screens. You can paint on the walls, though. Maybe…)

•    A disciplined individual who knows how to measure his/her time. There are deadlines that need to be respected, therefore you will need to prioritise accordingly.

•    Knowledgeable in the Adobe Suite, more specifically Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. You’re going to be using these three a lot.

•    Familiar with After Effects, 3Ds Max or Cinema4D? These are not mandatory but they will constitute a plus. Also, If you know how to build invading giant space robot armies in 3D you’re going to be perfect. That latter part isn’t at all conspicuous regarding our future plans, by the way.

•    Someone who can to work under pressure, because… hey, this industry can be challenging at times and you’ve gotta be prepared to carry your own weight and pull the rope. But we promise the rope can be any colour you want.


This is the part where we convince you:

Working in an agency is like a boot camp for, well…life. It will not be easy. But it’s up to you to make it fun and a valuable every day.
Some things will help. Like the fact that:
• You’ll get the chance to work with different clients on a variety of projects ranging from online (websites, banners, illustrations etc.) to offline materials, specifically, those headed for print (flyers, brochures, packaging design, business cards etc.). You’ll learn a lot.

• You’ll be responsible for designing and constructing brand identities and creative concepts which will have real world implications and implementations. That’s short for – you’ll see your work out there and appreciated. Sounds awesome, right?

• You’ll get benefits like trainings and other opportunities to develop your skills, learn new stuff and become an even greater designer.

…aaaand this is the part where you convince us:
If you think you’re the right person for this job and if you can do all of the above, we would be more than happy to meet you. Please apply with your CV below.

Good luck!


Application deadline: 31st of October 2018

Complete the registration form below, upload your CV and please tell us why you’re up for the challenge. Get ready, set… GO!

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