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Marketing Specialist Loopie


Even a Marketing Specialist has to know how to change a flat tire, right?

What are we talking about?
We are looking for a marketing specialist that could work in an auto service… sort of speaking.
Now, if we’ve got your attention, hand the tubular key and take a look at what we expect from you:

– A technical background, preferably in the Automotive field. You don’t want some cars crashing down on your head here and not know what to do with them, right?
– Marketing knowledge and strategic thinking. First you put the nut in, then you put the screw in, right?
– Great aptitude for analysis, research and synthesis
– Communication and organizational skills
– Creativity, enthusiasm and a good sense of teamwork

We’re looking for dynamic, proactive people, with a strong passion and willing to work in an environment focused on personal and professional development, but who also have a strong sense of responsibility towards tasks and deadlines.

Speaking of tasks, here’s what you will have to take care of:
– Market analysis and competition monitoring for the agency’s clients
– Making satisfaction calls towards clients and asking for feedback
– Updating databases
– Developing business offers for potential clients
– Identifying and monitoring market opportunities
– Identifying possible strategic partnerships
– Monitoring communication results

Apply to this job, then sit back and wait. We’ll contact you to set up an interview as soon as possible so we can get to know you more and discuss everything we’re hoping you’ll be able to accomplish here at Loopaa.
Now start the engine and you’re good to go!

Good luck!

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