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Someone said: Two heads are better than one… The same principle applies to the core concept of Marketing Tribe, the local (for now) community of Marketers in Cluj-Napoca.
Have to admit that this project represents a lot to me personally as I’ve organized the first edition in 2013. But why is it so important? Why do we, marketers, need a community?


Well, it’s basically the same reason for which mankind has evolved… I know, it sounds so dramatic. However, through my experience (in Marketing at least), I’ll tell you one thing: you can never achieve great results on your own. And when I say „great”, I mean really taking it to the next level. Communities and/or partnerships help us to evolve through the exchange of knowledge and resources.

One vs. many

I myself am a self-taught individual… and it worked fine… till I hit rock bottom.
Yes… literally I was doing everything as an „in-house” Marketing Specialist… and nothing. It’s the hard truth but I tried to be a marketing strategist, online advertiser and graphic designer… all in one and at the same time. Believe me, it’s almost impossible.  And it’s fine not to be an expert in everything, especially due to the huge amount of information that bombards us everyday. It has become so easy to lose focus in business and throw your resources away.

Of course that it doesn’t mean that we don’t need to have an overview. But nowadays, marketing is so complex and you need real specialists to get the right results.

Let’s get in review the main reasons for working with external partners for marketing activities:

  • From the business point of view, the outsourcing of marketing activities can be cost effective. Maybe „outsourcing” is not the appropriate term because it’s not about just finding work-force at the lowest costs. It’s more like a collaborative way of dicovering the best solutions for your business.
  • Another issue that you have to consider is that we all need a fresh perspective and an agency could deliver great ideas. The „blended” know-how from various markets and domain empowers agencies to bring new approaches.
  • Also, your marketing efforts are scalable, according to your needs. For example, in organizing an event or running an integrated campaign.
  • And last, but not least, you’re able to focus on strategic directions of the business, oversee the implementation and analyze the results of your campaigns. This provides a clear overview on your business and market.


Bottom line 


This month, IAA Young Professionals Cluj brings Marketing Tribe to a whole new level. The objective remains the same: getting the marketers together in order to grow together. How? You’ll have to see it with your own eyes at the event Marketing Tribe 2.0 that takes place on the 26th of November in Cluj.

Loopaa is the proud supporter of this event because we believe in a community that develops the whole industry, whether there are agencies, production companies or marketing departments. We believe in hearing out the needs of marketers and making a statement that we’re here to support each other.



See you @Marketing Tribe, on the 26th of November.