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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

What are we doing with your personal data?

We’re happy you’ve chosen to be informed and get to know all the details about how we use your personal data.

In the following, we’ve put together all you need to know about the personal data we collect from you. You’ll read about how we colected them, how we’re using them, how we’re keeping your data safe and, most importantly, how you can control this.

Let’s get aquainted again, in case we haven’t seen eachother in a while:

We are Loopaa Marcom, your dedicated Marketing Agency, a private company in Romania. Our headquarter and postal address are in Cluj-Napoca, Ion Budai Deleanu Street no. 64.

Want to contact us in the shortest time possible?

For any question, suggestion or concern regarding the protection of your personal data, please contact us at

The personal data you’ve gave us so far and how we use it:

When we first had the opportunity to know eachother, you gave us the following information about yourself: your full name and e-mail address.

To refresh your memory, here are a few situations in which we could have met:

  • You’ve participated in one of the event we have organized in the past, and you offered us some information about yourself at the registration;
  • You were searching for marketing services and you reached our website, where you found what you needed for your business, you’ve told us who you are, in order to set a meeting with us;
  • You’ve reached our website and, because you liked what you saw, you registered your e-mail address in order for us to keep you informed with our promotional materials and marketing-related articles.

What are we doing with your personal data:

We already got to know eachother, so why not keep in touch and be open to great projects we could work on together?

If we know your name, we’ll always know we are having a dialogue with a professional that comes from the same background as ours and should be kept as close as possible to our agency.

If we have your e-mail address, we can easily reach you whenever we have something to share with you that would be in our mutual benefit. Also, we can keep you posted with informative materials we periodically create, such as new blog articles or study cases, but also invite you to some of the most relevant events in the local and national business field.

Thus, we assure you that we will use your e-mail only to send relevant information that you might be interested in, no more than twice a month. These can be: articles on marketing subjects, events organized by us or in collaboration with us, information about our services.

The legal basis for owning and processing your personal data

The legal basis for owning your data is your consent, which you gave us when we first met.

The right to withdraw your consent

If you decide the information we are periodically sending you are not relevant, you can withdraw your consent by sending an e-mail about this subject at

Once you’ve withdrawn your consent, we will no longer be able to send you any kind of information, unless you decide to give us your approval again.

How much time will we keep your data?

We will keep your personal data 3 years from the moment you gave it to us. After this period of time, we’ll contact you in order to renew your consent for a similar period of time. It’s important for us to know that you are still interested in our services or activity and you want us to keep you posted.

Who we share your data with?

We definitely don’t share your personal data with anyone else. You’ve put your confidence in us by giving us information about yourself, and we are comitted to keep them safe in order to have a good collaboration.

Your personal data will never be transferred to a third party or another country.

Your rights over the information we have about you

The consent you’ve offered us comes with a set of rights that you can use at any moment:

  • The right to accesss – It means that, in any moment, you can ask us to tell you what personal data we have from you, if you are still in our database, if we are operating on your personal information in some way and how we’re doing that.
  • The right to correct them – In any moment you can contact us if you wish to correct some of the data we have from you.
  • The right to erase – It means that you can ask to be excluded from our database, undefinitely, until you ask to be enrolled again.
  • The right to restrict the access to operating your data – It means that you can suspend, at any time, the processing of your data as a result of contesting their accuracy, for a period of time that allows us to check them.
  • The right to move your data – You can request your data to be transferred into a predefined format and given to another operator;
  • The right to submit a complaint – If you feel your rights have been violated, you can submit a compliant at the National Authority for Data Processing and Protection, here: Also, you have the right to legally act upon your complaint.

We assure you that we will respond to any request in the shortest time possible, in no more than 30 days.

The legitimate interests we are pursuing

You personal data is not processed based upon a legitimate interest of Loopaa Marketing Agency or a third party. We remind you again that we are processing your data based on your consent that does not have any legal obligation.

We do not perform any automatic processing or profiling operations based on your data.

Contact details of our Data Protection Officer (DPO):

For any question, suggestion or concern regarding the processing of your personal data, please contact us at or directly with our Data Protection Officer – Claudiu Pușcaș, phone no.: 0724 314 753, e-mail address: .

The Security of your data:

It’s very important for us to keep your personal data safe. We assure this by a series of internal policies, regular verifications and administrative procedures.

If you have any concern regading your personal data, please contact us at or directly with our Data Protection Officer – Claudiu Pușcaș, phone no.: 0724 314 753, e-mail address:

We are happy that you are now fully informed about your personal data.

Thank you!

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