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Monthly Archive for: ‘January, 2014’

Be bold, be italic

Being a designer in today’s industry. How to become so much more?

Hi. My name is Tudor, I work for Loopaa and I’m a designer. Or, if you prefer, a graphic artist. A friend of mine once told me something that I will probably remember for the rest of my life: ”Being an artist is so much more than doing artsy things for people and getting paid. Being an artist means you were born with a superpower, something that few people have – the ability to escape from this world whenever you like and come back, just like that.” Your mind, your heart, your...
stepping stones dream big

Personality in design

How does a web design project stand out? A good design stands out from a sea of competitors through its personality. As designers, we have the capability to express personality through well-conceived designs that forge an emotional connection with the visitor. How is this emotional connection achieved? There are a couple of characteristics (elements of visual language) that make a web design project unforgettable and fun to interact: type choices, alignments, color usage, the overall design...
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Branding – my biggest challenge

What was the biggest challenge of your life? How about the biggest challenge of your career? What about your biggest challenge in marketing? I have the same answer to all of these questions: BRANDING. Many view branding as a name, a catchy headline, a logo or just about everything you picture about a company (business cards, website, online advertising, public relations etc.), but things are not quite so simple. Branding may seem like (relatively) easy team work: you meet with the...
View from our office

Creativity in a drop of whisky

10.48 p.m. On the second floor, Marin was staring at the screen, two inches away from it, trying to finish a poster. The office was empty. Just me and my blank page. Rarely, a muse sits down on my shy title: “When grass does not grow on Mondays”. She sniffs the title few times, turns around and leaves laughing.   10.54 p.m. Foursquare notifies me that my girlfriend and two of her friends are at a coffee shop. Facebook keeps flooding me with pictures of people having fun. I...
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