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2019 in review: A challenging year!

Loopaa In Review 2019

We’ve been busy this year. Time flies when you’re doing… Marketing!

Our team of Loopies has worked relentlessly to create employer branding strategies, design new brands and increase sales for our clients. The most challenging part? Finding the best marketing channels and tools in order to adapt to an ever-changing market. It has not been a walk in the park, but we can now proudly say that we’ve achieved something great together: taking our marketing skills to the next level.

In other words, we’ve been dedicated. Maybe our Loopaa notebooks helped achieve this, serving as our “daily mantras”:

Here are some of the projects we’ve worked on throughout the year:

Creating employer branding strategies for our clients partners

What makes a group of people a great team you’d like to work with? Values, values, values. Some of our partners already had some good ones and a great team to start with, but needed a little professional help to gather, analyze and present to the world what makes them different. It’s every employer dream, isn’t it? Well, it was every Loopaa marketer’s dream, also, so we didn’t spare any effort: we’ve done interviews with every team member, analyzed market trends and competitors, established the core values and found the best ways to present them to the world. Want to know more about the process? Click here .

Taking our online marketing skills the next level with Travelminit

Everybody wants sales, right? Well, some also want more specific things – being the market leader on a certain product or service or becoming more visible on the market through creative campaigns. Together with Travelminit we’ve implemented the “Aventura tichetelor de vacanţă” campaign and also got the chance to be a part of Romania’s first Black Friday for accommodation.😊

Communication strategy for pretty nails with Nail Art Professionals

Nailart, on the other side, challenged our more fashionable side. We admit, our lady Loopies found it hard to concentrate on excel sheets with all the pretty nails around. From “velvet red”, “rusty autumn”, “funky inspiration” through “black November” and “ice queen” and “all white” theme, we designed elegant visuals, got to know and promote innovative products and nail design techniques. It was lovely to work on improving their image bit by bit. We are looking forward to pretty, pretty nails next year!

Creating a brand from scratch – BPOrchest

It might seem the simplest marketing challenge, creating a brand from scratch. But it takes a lot of work and creativity to come up with a brand name so good that it sums up everything your client does, a brand story that gathers the true essence of what the brand stands for and a visual identity that will make it smart and memorable.

What do we want Santa to bring us next year? More projects like BPOrchest – we’ve done everything from coming up with a meaningful name, designing the logo, creating the brand story and designing their upcoming website.

And a soul project of our colleagues – Dava Festival

For two years in a row, we’ve taken event management to the highest possible: A music festival. Two days of DAVA – The New Age Citadel – the capital of techno music and magic. It’s been hectic – from creating the Festival’s visual identity, implementing the online strategy, booking artists, managing logistics… to over 5000 participants!

Here’s the aftermovie:

We’re looking forward to the next one!

We are thankful to all our partners that helped us, challenged us and trusted us. May 2020 bring great new challenges!

What’s your resolution for your business in 2020?