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AAM WebsiteHello drivers! Hello suppliers! We decided this year to start our own project as a source of information for car owners and car drivers in Romania. We do have a consistent background in B2B automotive aftermarket industry since 2004. We started this project for several reasons, but the main reason was the lack of information about automotive aftermarket brands to end users. In the same time, the available communication channels for Romanian market were mainly B2B private channels of importers and car parts distributors, mainly focused to automotive specialist and in a very low proportion open to end users/ private car users and drivers.

While there is a lot of information about new car models, there is little information about the long term usage period, regarding maintaining and servicing the car.

We intend to collect updated information about the brands, suppliers and businesses in automotive aftermarket sector in our direct channel to end user buyers, bringing information from specialists to car owners and drivers. In time, more and more, end users will have a word to say about brands they choose for braking, filters, motor oils, tires, etc. In fact, probably motor oil brands are few steps ahead, because most of car owners do care about the brand of motor oil that get inside their car engine in Romania.

Read now the first articles and news on our platform, get connected with our social media channel and our newsletter. Here is what you can read – be careful… it’s in Romanian. 🙂

Automotive NewsWho WE are?
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Denso – brand profile

Q-Service – business profile

Check how it was at Expo Inter Cars 2016 event

How to choose your engine oil

Automotive Aftermarket News

If you are a driver or car owner, you can let us know what subjects you are interested to read. Also, if you want to contribute with relevant content for drivers and car owners concerning automotive aftermarket sector, please get in contact with us and let us know your subject and intentions – we will be glad to analyze the content and the value to our readers.

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