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Header Loopaa Cluj IT Cluster

Loopaa, the only agency part of Cluj IT Cluster

This month, Loopaa has become the first marketing and communication agency to be accepted in the Cluj IT Cluster community, as a clear statement that this industry is beginning to rely heavily on creative solutions and effective communication strategies. Based on a common vision and similar values, this admission represents a natural step for both Loopaa and the Cluster. Whether we're talking about Employer Branding or Product Marketing, Loopaa has already managed to gather an extensive...
Header Roadshow DENSO

Campaign to the MAX: DENSO’s Roadshow

This year, during October, something really cool happened... More than 1000 garages throughout Romania were visited, as part of a national Roadshow, organized by DENSO. And Loopaa was the one that made it possible. Yes, we're proud of it because there was no such campaign organized in Romania till now, in the Automotive Aftermarket field. Leaving aside all the sleepless nights, all the unexpected "suprises" and the anxiousness of the unknown. Bottom line, we've done it and the results are...
Header EXPO IC

Expo Inter Cars – a success story

I'll cut the chase for you... We love this event... truly, madly and deeply! This year's edition was the third one in a row for Loopaa as the partner agency... For myself, it's the 6th one. Yeap, I've been there from the very beginning and now, it has attracted over 6.000 professional visitors from all over Romania. (garages, shops and auto retailers) You wonder what is Expo Inter Cars? It’s the first event dedicated to the auto aftermarket industry from Romania, an annual exhibition...
Automotive Aftermarket News Cover

New Loopaa Project – Automotive Aftermarket News

Automotive Aftermarket News on Hello drivers! Hello suppliers! We decided this year to start our own project as a source of information for car owners and car drivers in Romania. We do have a consistent background in B2B automotive aftermarket industry since 2004. We started this project for several reasons, but the main reason was the lack of information about automotive aftermarket brands to end users. In the same time, the available communication channels for Romanian...
You Are A Great CEO Cover

Are you a great CEO?

Of course we are! (I'm in the same boat as you on this one) But what's the meaning of this question? We are enthusiastic, we do hope for the best... we work day and night for the sake of getting noticed by others, we make the impossible... possible! And we are there for the people: for our employees, for clients, suppliers and any other business partners. There's no trouble in answering phone calls at 2 a.m. Or even spend 10 hours a day reading emails. There is NOTHING that you wouldn't...
marketing comic book

Launch of MarComics

Yes! We did it! It was a lot of fun and hard work to create the first Romanian comic book about Marketing & Business. As marketers, we’re facing a lot of challenges in our everyday work, so we wanted to capture a part of this “fun” in what we call MarComics. This comic book evolved during 4 months of continuous creative work and the Loopies of our agency really made it happen. This Wednesday, at Marketing Tribe 2.0, it was the perfect moment and place to announce the print...
Expo Inter Cars 2014

Expo Inter Cars 2014

How it all began Inter Cars, one of the biggest distributors of aftermarket auto parts in the world, prepared for 14-15 June 2014, at Brasov, the most interesting event of the industry in Romania – Expo Inter Cars. The event was planned to be a big one, with 4000 auto professionals and important auto spare parts producers on display and providing specialized trainings for the participants (Bosch, Castrol, Comma, Valeo, TRW, LUK, Delphi, ZF, Mahle, Contitech, to name only a few...) This...
Banner Market Study Cluj 2014

Loopaa reveals the most beloved Cluj brands

Once upon a time, there was this bunch of advertising addicts, gathered within a creative playhouse named Loopaa, who were very curious about the marketing realities in Cluj-Napoca. They wanted to know which are the most beloved brands in our beloved city, and since there was nobody to shed light onto this matter, they took the matter into their own hands.   So, what did the loopies do? They set out on a noble quest, conducting the first ever market research which analyzes the...