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Monthly Archive for: ‘November, 2015’


End of the year KPIs: Turnover structure

First snow in the city gives us reasons to remember that before winter holidays, we usually prepare budgets and next year strategic plans. Because the last series of KPIs did confirm the interest of our readers, we'll present you, in next 2 weeks, the most relevant <<end of the year>> KPIs that we find relevant for most of the business. Practice! Keep in mind what they measure. If your business is in the position where the KPIs are relevant, establish your improvement objectives....
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Marketing 4 IT: current challenges in Marketing and HR in the IT sector

Remember this MarComics episode?  Well, we managed to pull off an event in less than a month and to avoid the whole straight jacket situation. All that was possible due to a team driven by passion for marketing and the urge of constant improvement. But the most important thing is that Marketing 4 IT gathered marketers and HR specialists from the local IT sector and brought valuable speakers, in order to share knowledge about the current challenges in Marketing and HR and the future...
2Img Blog Loopaa Why Setting Up Your Marketing Strategy Is A Lot Like Cooking

Why setting up your marketing strategy is a lot like cooking

Yes, we know what you’re thinking: what does a marketing strategy even have to do with food or cooking? Well, we’re glad you asked. Just to name a few of the things they have in common, you need a lot of passion and dedication in order to cook something right. You need the best ingredients and tools, know the audiences that are coming to the table and cook for their taste. And, most importantly, cooking and marketing strategy are both an art and a science – you need a plan, but you also...
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Hey IT & HR marketer, this Thursday upgrade your communication skills

Is your software up to date? Are you so good that you are irreplaceable? This Thursday we offer you a great deal to install a new patch to your skills! Get inspired and learn new marketing tactics from communication directors and specialists, from top companies like Microsoft, Linkedin, Samsung, Heimdal Security, Loopaa and European Parliament! If you didn’t register already, sign up right now on Yours dedicated, Călin Biriș Digital Director P.S. the...
Mk 4 IT

Some bad news going good – Marketing 4 IT event

Yeah, Captain Obvious... The event IT Week won't take place anymore. And the first word that came to our minds was: Panic... panic... panic... Nope... I was just kidding. Not about the IT Week event, but about the panic. You really cannot say that you're a marketing/ advertising/ PR/ event agency if you haven't experienced similar situations. The fact is that you have to deal with it and adapt. And this is what we've done: we've adapted by changing the visual materials, adjusted the budget...
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