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Marketing KPI Stories: Customer’s potential

We are starting a new week of work with another Marketing KPI Story  – Customer’s potential.  KPI name: Customer’s potential Definition: The estimated value that a partnership with a customer brings for your business by any channel possible and for all range of products and services. Variation and related KPI’s: Value of the customer (sales […]

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Marketing KPI Stories: Conversion rate

When measuring sales performance, Loopaa strategy specialists recommend measuring the Conversion Rate KPI’s. KPI name: % Conversion rate Definition: The % of your total inquiries that actually buys in the end your company’s services and products, by any channel possible. Variation and related KPI’s: %  of returning customers from total inquiries   % of new […]

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Marketing KPI Stories: Inquiries

Hello everyone. Today we are starting something new, Marketing KPI Stories! We decided to start spreading some useful content regarding a key process in marketing – performance measurement. There is nothing more important in marketing than information and that’s why we will present to you in the following weeks a list of the most valuable KPI’s in marketing. […]

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