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How to make a difference as a marketer for the IT Industry

Blog How to make a difference as a marketer for the IT Industry

In the fast-growing IT sector, it’s crucial that you have the best marketing mix. You need to have a multi-channel marketing plan that will constantly be supported by a dedicated sales team, as well as enthusiastic marketers, in order to convince potential customers.

But which are the most important tools you need to master to become a real IT Industry Ninja Marketer? Here they are, from our experience:

You need a creative, information-efficient and sales-oriented website. First of all, creative. Don’t be afraid to build your entire communication plan around witty designs or fun characters. It always pays back, as clients will easily recognize and remember you even after they’ll leave your website.

Also, pay close attention to segmentation. It’s important to structure your offer based on your key audiences. Use case studies and testimonials to show real results.

Social Media, Discussion Forums and PR. You definitely need to use those. It’s tools like these that give you the possibility of further differentiating yourself from the competition, apart from having a good offer and an excellent tech team. Your brand’s story needs to be out there and you have to be the one telling it!

Always think in terms of: “Is this relevant for my audience?” It would help you save a lot of money on failed experiments if you only took a second to closely analyze what your audience does, feels and thinks about your products and services. Most marketing campaigns fail because marketers think “What do I want to tell my customers about me?” instead of “What do my customers want to hear about me?”

Always be up-to-date with IT events taking place around you. You don’t have to attend every event that comes your way, but you should be prepared to identify a good opportunity when you see it. Events are a good way to meet potential clients in an informal, more relaxed atmosphere. It’s all about networking!

And we have a lot more where that came from. Want to make a difference in the IT Industry? Just contact us and we’ll help your company reach its true marketing potential.


Yours dedicated,

Alexandra Zăinescu