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One of the most important KPIs for your ecommerce business

I am an active customer and marketer. I like to think about how to improve things, I always evaluate the services and products I buy and, most of the time, I like to give feedback. Recently, a new restaurant has opened, which sells only fish products. I like fish-based food, so I tried two or three products. The personnel was welcoming and friendly, and that was a plus for me. I went there and bought fish sandwiches a couple of times, and then I thought I should also buy a fish plate with...
End of the year KPIs: UPDATED CASH FLOW

End of the year KPIs: UPDATED CASH FLOW

KPI name: UPDATED CASH FLOW Definition: This KPI measures the financial liquidities in the context of updated budgets for the next year. Yes, do it! Make multiple scenarios for developing your activity next year by considering new projects, investments and overall economic context. Monthly forecast of payments and revenues for the company. Variation and related KPI’s: Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly cash flow Annual cash flow predictions/ forecast Focus and targets: This KPI...
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The matter of Employer Branding for IT companies

This term... Employer Brand... it's in our heads, for sure. Especially when you're working as a marketer or HR specialist in an IT company. That being said... should I begin by stating that the IT industry is very competitive and dynamic? Or should I say that the current academic system in Romania can't and won't respond properly to the actual needs ‎of this industry regarding recruitment? Or even better... isn't it obvious that people are not motivated just by getting a bonus of a few...
End of the year KPIs: Assets performance

End of the year KPIs: Assets performance

KPI name: Assets performance Definition: This KPI measures the financial performance of all the money invested in the company. Number of capital rotation in turnover  = ANNUAL TURNOVER / ASSETS VALUE Assets value is the first indicator when performing an overall evaluation of a company. The higher the value of this KPI, the higher the value of the company’s profitability. Variation and related KPI’s: Current assets rotation Fixed assets rotation Focus and targets: This...
Marketing KPI Work performance

End of the year KPIs: Work performance

KPI name: Work performance Definition: The level of profit per employee is a powerful KPI. For some analysts, this is the most important information regarding a company’s performance. Variation and related KPI’s: Value of company profit per employee Value of direct profit per employee per team/ division/country Focus and targets: Highly recommended for all managers and entrepreneurs. Usually, a list of reasons why we shouldn’t monitor this KPI is always ready to be...
End of the year KPIs: Profit structure

End of the year KPIs: Profit structure

KPI name: Profit structure Definition: The structure of your profit sources (in % and value) is actually, in many cases, far more important than your turnover structure. Variation and related KPI’s: %/value of profit per store/ division/ type of services/ sales channel %/value of profit per type of customers %/value of profit per geographical aspect (this is relevant when logistic has high impact on costs) %/value of profit per customers in B2B/ time frames Focus and...