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Monthly Archive for: ‘February, 2016’

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MK4IT: There is no such thing as Digital Marketing

At the Marketing 4 IT Conference, Tudor Galos addressed an intriguing issue - he said there's no such thing as digital marketing, there is just marketing, which has digital components. What does this mean for the marketers? Well, nothing changes. The mission of marketers is to understand the marketplace, define the segments to target and the right messages to communicate, in order to achieve their objectives. The fact that those happen to be digital is only part of the execution. Even the...
Keeping employees engaged is like being in a relationship

Keeping employees engaged is like being in a relationship – the not-so-textbook set of advice

If you make just one Google Search on the subject “How to Keep Employees Engaged”, you’ll find all kind of related information: “How To Be A Good Manager In 5 Steps”, “10 Ways To Keep Employees Engaged” or “How Smart Companies Do It”. And since February is “The month of love”, I’ll just break it down to you: Truth is, employee engagement is more like a love relationship. So, let’s see why: Respect, communicate and listen. Communication is vital in EVERY...
winning new customers for retail businesses

Strategies for winning new customers for retail businesses

Mobile, tablet, PC, laptop, VR Glasses, smart watches, TV, radio, print magazines... all these have one thing in common: the consumer. If you are ignoring all these communication and distribution channels, then you are, in fact, ignoring your potential customers.                                            According to Google Consumer Barometer:                        - 69% of the consumers research Offline and                            buy...
Auto PR

Auto PR

No... there’s no automatic system to handle PR activities. We would wish for an Auto PR tool, but it hasn’t been invented yet. This article is about PR in the automotive field, especially for the B2B part of it. In Romania (but not only), automotive related press is pretty scarce. So you can’t rely entirely on sending out a press release, even if it is interesting and innovating.   Just to summarize the situation of the media for the B2B automotive industry: 1. There’s a...
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