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The Mechanism Of Loopaa

The mechanism of our marketing work

Every time we meet a new customer, a question pops out at the very beginning of our discussions: How is Loopaa working? What's our approach on a marketing/ communication project? And this is the main subject of this blog post in order for you to get to understand us better. No hidden doors, no secrets... it's a matter of aligning expectations and work procedures. And a big part of a successful business relationship between an agency and a customer is how you start.   Here's a...
email from a marketing manager

Email from a Marketing Director to a Marketing Agency

From: John, Marketing Director Subject: I need your advice Hi Călin, I heard that you are working in a marketing agency, and two years have already passed since you joined the agency. I am a Marketing Director in an IT start-up that is growing fast. I love what I do and we have a great team, but I feel I can do more. I want to help more companies to become better at Digital Marketing. I was thinking to join a Marketing Agency as you did, but I am not sure if is the right thing for...
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Mk4IT: Four things to take into consideration for external communication

At Marketing 4 IT, our CEO explained what are the four main pillars to take into consideration for your IT company external communications. These are: 1. Strategy 2. Content marketing 3. Social Media 4. Events 1. Strategy Before you start your journey and build your company’s employer brand, it is very important to set up the plan. Be sure you identify and create a persona of your target market, write down your SMART objectives, and plan the next actions to get what you want. ...
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Mk4IT: The biggest mistake you can make when working with brand ambassadors

Most of the time, marketers focus on getting new business and customers. They are searching for new markets and tend to ignore the existing clients. This is a big mistake. Having a brand ambassador program can slim your marketing budget, while still being able to acquire new clients. It is important to acknowledge that a sale is not finished when a person gives you the money and he/she gets the product or the service you sell in return. Instead, that is the moment when the fight...