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Monthly Archive for: ‘October, 2014’

Facebook Advertising Course

Converting Facebook fans into clients – Download

At Loopaa we like to work with the most efficient marketing tools. We found out that Facebook advertising is one of them.  Because we value giving back to the community we partner up with BT Club so that we can learn other marketeers and entrepreneurs how to use this online communication...
Curs Calin Biris Loopaa

Converting Facebook fans into clients, with Calin Biris

Did you know that Romania has more than 7 million Facebook users and that more than 6 million of them are active each month? How can you say “NO” to such a big community of potential customers? Calin Biris, Loopaa’s Digital Director, will tell you the secrets to converting Facebook fans into clients for your business in an interactive, state of the art seminar, in collaboration with BT Club. Not only will advertising on Facebook be revealed in its fullest, but you will also find out...
Marketing Budget

Marketing budget = Advertising budget?

Let's look at it from a different angle... Most small and medium sized companies do not use the marketing budget concept. Best case scenario is when they have an advertising budget. But what about the other marketing investments? Events for meeting customers PR & Networking Optimizing processes for a better service or a better product Training the employees Checking customers' satisfaction Studying the competition/market opportunities Measuring the marketing...